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AppCenter = Application Control Software for Mobile and Embedded Devices

AppCenter is an application manager that restricts end-user activity to a set of “authorized only” applications, preventing non-productive or unauthorized device utilization, and reduces the number of unnecessary Help Desk support calls when users curiously explore device features.

AppCenter employs both an active and passive approach to restricting activity. The active approach monitors all running applications and will automatically close unauthorized applications as they are detected. AppCenter will also control the availability (enabling or disabling) of the Start Menu and the Supplemental Input Panel (SIP), on an application-by-application basis. The passive approach prevents the end-user from navigating away from the current running application.

AppCenter also functions as an enhanced application launcher or a centralized menu system for the authorized set of applications. AppCenter can be configured to automatically launch approved applications upon startup at defined intervals or in a defined order.

AppCenter core features include:

  • Remotely manage/change/establish profile of device
  • Active monitoring of all running applications
  • Active monitoring of all visible windows
  • Automatic shutdown of unauthorized applications
  • Automatic shutdown of unauthorized windows
  • Administration facility to add/remove authorized applications/windows
  • Enable/disable Start Menu on an application-by-application basis
  • Enable/disable on-screen keyboard (SIP) on an application-by-application basis
  • Enable/disable close window button (Smart-Minimize [X]) on an application-by-application basis
  • Icon or keyboard-based application launcher
  • Auto launcher of approved applications at start-up (warm or cold boot) or in defined order
  • Configurable system icons for Status
  • Debug Mode facility
  • Password protected administrative functions