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These batteries comes from Global Technology Systems (Honeywell) - a specialist manufacturer focussing on "industrial" battery operated devices, if your users are complaining about battery performance these will improve your position.

If you are looking for spare batteries for Motorola, Telxon, Intermec, Norand, LXE, Percon, PSC, Zebra, Oneil.  Or for charging accessories for your Motorola devices - then look at Global Technology Systems range of great products.

  1. 1 Year Warranty
  2. Increased Performance
  3. End Unit Manufacturer Warranty is fully protected (Click Here for Warranty Information)

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Customer testimonial: Our experience has shown that the extended life GTS batteries last up to 3 times longer than their Symbol/Motorola equivalent. Operationally this means that our busiest technicians no longer have to worry about running out of battery before the end of the day. This was a concern for many of our techs who are scanning all day long, they were never confident that they could get the device back on charge at the end of the day before running out of charge. This is no longer an issue with the Honeywell batteries which have lasted in the field on a single charge for over 3 days under heavy usage conditions. Undoubtedly, you get more bang for your buck with the GTS battery, and the uncertainty about losing critical company information is thankfully a thing of the past. Ian Curl, IT Infrastructure Manager, Autometrix to prove to yourself the improved performance of these batteries offer you.  
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